Cymbals - Sounds - Gongs

I use PAISTE cymbals exclusively since 1999.

Studio set-up is a selection of finest PAISTE 2002 cymbals from 16" up to 20" as well as two pairs of 14" hats 2002 medium,

a 22" wild ride and an 18" china

Live-set-up is a selection of PAISTE Alpha - brilliant finish -cymbals.

My thanx go to the PAISTE company for a great support with the finest cymbals, espesially to Jörg Kohlmorgen for his great support and help all the time as well as to Christian Wenzel for helping me always in matters abroad.

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R - Stick

Professional Drumsticks

I use finest R-Stick Drumsticks exclusively to torture my drum-skins - I use a custom made model with Band logo imprint and signature.

My thanx go to the R-Stick-company for a unique support with great sticks, especially to Mr Bořivoj Rektořík .

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